This week’s Creampie Thais episode features 22-year-old Kai. Every now and then I’ll meet a Thai girl who speaks ZERO English、 Kai is one of those girls. I ask her if she likes boom boom and she responds 22 lol. That’s okay Kai、 you’re not here for your linguistic capabilities that’s for sure. No no、 what I’m interested in is that warm inviting mouth and fertile Asian Pussy. I assure Kai that I’m going to pound her Thai twat into next Tuesday ( good thing she had no idea what I was saying lol ). Besides those great nips、 Kai had some very juicy pussy lips that got soaking wet with the slightest touch. After playing with her naughty bits、 it was time to teach Kai the language of fellatio. A few minutes and I was ready to blow、 but my load had one destination: Kai’s warm pussy. In the end、 the language wasn’t a problem because who has time for small talk when you’ve got three holes to fill!

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